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This message to share with you the project 7 Summits Company.

We are 3 French adventurers. We decided to the sequence in 21 days the ascent of the highest summit of each of the 7 alpines country in Europe (Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Italy and France) while achieving all the inter-summit approaches by fair means (without any assistance of motorized mean).

We will launch the assault on these giants of the Alps without pretension but with great humility. We will evolve mainly via normal routes. Departure on May, 13th 2016

In parallel to the sporting side, we would like to meet local people to discuss about their passion for the mountains through their culture and their knowledge of the massif, to discuss about local and national initiatives that aim at maintaining natural balances and offering gentle approaches to the mountain, discuss about global warming impact. And why not to share mountaineering session.

The objective is to produce a video of the adventure and to share it (outdoor festival, french TV, Web, social networks,…)

You will find enclosed a presentation in English, you can also visit our website (English version) : www.7summitscompany.com

Do you think it would be possible to meet some people from Planinsko društvo Ljubljana-Matica to discuss about mountain? We will arrive in Ljubljana on may, 14th in the morning.

In any cases, yours advices about the Triglav would be precious!

We also need to find solution to let our bikes in a safe place during the ascent, if you have some idea…

Thank you for your support

Armel Vrac

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